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== Introduction ==
The Bus Riders Union (BRU) is a civil rights advocate activism group started in 1992 in Los Angeles, CA. The BRU is a part of the Labor/Community Strategy Center (LCSC), a think tank and advocacy group. The BRU formed in opposition to the policies of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA or MTA)<ref name="Bus Riders Union"></ref>.
In 1994, a coalition including the BRU, LSCS, Korean Immigrant Workers Advocates and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund filed a class action civil rights lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority for its based on allegedly racist and discriminatory policies. The suit charged that LACMTA used Federal funds in a discriminatory manner, which is prohibited by Title IV of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, by devoting a disproportionate amount of funding to bring subways and new buses to typically white suburbs at the expense of immmigrant immigrant and minority urban areas<ref name="Bus Riders Union" />.
The matter was settled before the trial and resulted in the 1996 MTA/BRU Consent Decree Compliance.
* Established the Joint Working Group (joint BRU and MTA policy making body that oversees the implementation of the Consent Decree)
* Reduction of bus overcrowding
* New Service service lines to major centers of employment, education and healthcare throughout the county* Prioritize funding for buses and rides for the transit-dependent
==== Stop the Transit Cuts Campaign ====
==== No Fare Hike Campaign ====
The bus fare on MTA buses were stable for 10 years due to the 1996 Consent Decree. The BRU opposed plans for LACMTA's 1997 fare increases proposal that increased a daily pass from $3 to $5 claiming that the increases hurt minorities and leads to an increase of automobile users, and carbon emissions from the automobile usage and ulitmately climate change and lung disease. The LACTMA admitted that ridersip decreased by 5% within a year after the fare increases. In addition, ridership increased by 41% between 19882-1985 when fares were reduced<ref></ref>.
===== Clean Air and Economic Justice Plan for Measure R Campaign =====
The BRU reaches out the city and LACMTA leaders. In the past, the BRU has effectively brought pressure to Mayor Antonio Villagoirosa to support Measure R. After Measure R was passed, the BRU has continued to pressure the MTA to use the funds allocated by Measure R as planned and not redirect funds to highway and rail. The BRU has help rallies with community members speaking about their experiences of transit.<ref></ref>.
=== Future Goals ===

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